Flags Quiz – Africa

How well do you know African flags? GlobePrep has put together a short quiz that you can use to test your knowledge of flags of the countries in Africa. The quiz is divided into 11 questions and completing the quiz should take you approximately 3 minutes. Do let us know if you get 11/11 and Read more about Flags Quiz – Africa[…]

”So what do you do?” The do’s and don’ts when selling yourself online

What do your parents think you do? Watch this video, we found it hilarious. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fBQcgcAnwIc However, the results of this and other related studies concur with the view that one in three parents do not know what their children do for a living! Have you ever asked your parents what they think you do? We Read more about ”So what do you do?” The do’s and don’ts when selling yourself online[…]

The world is truly yours! 3 degrees of separation

We have all heard it said that it is a small world, so small that it has long spurned theories, new terms, and even a movie in the early 90’s with a young Will Smith and co in the cast.  Others have taken the ‘6 degrees of separation’ paradigm and gone on to point out Read more about The world is truly yours! 3 degrees of separation[…]

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Capitalize on your potential

What is potential? That we can answer with ease The bigger question is what is your potential and what have you done about your ability to develop, achieve or suceed? At GlobePrep we believe that potential can be the best and the worst word, as it merely spells out what could be and hasn’t been Read more about Capitalize on your potential[…]