January 4, 2019

Goals Hub; Popular Courses & Events

Goals; Popular Courses and Events

Globeprep’s Global Online Applied Learning System (GOALS!) is created to help you capitalise on your potential!

Whether you are looking to upskill yourself, your team organisation or community, or seeking means to make the most of prospects globally, our practical training solutions will enable you to capitalise on your potential.

User-centred training solutions for individual job seekers, entrepreneurs, SMEs, corporate businesses and state owned corporations focussing on the knowledge, prospects, challenges, skills and global best practice and their application.

We have exclusive access to world-class training, online software, tools and solutions and have additionally  partnered with accredited partners around the world to support training and licensing of select tools in Global business, Education and professional consulting.

Popular individual courses below;


Assertiveness, Professional resilience and Managing conflict

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YouPrep – Professional career and enterprise Development

Transition strategies in an employment or entrepreneurship context

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”So what do you do?” LinkedIn & the do’s and don’ts when selling yourself online

LinkedIn & the do’s and don’ts when selling yourself online

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