YouPrep – Professional career and enterprise Development

Designed to develop participants ability to gather, analyse and evidence existing competencies and to design transition strategies for future development within an employment or entrepreneurship context

With a tailored coaching and reflective project-based approach on specific strategic issues identified by the Globeprep STAR approach, our consultants focus on developing professional and efficacy potential of each participant.

Learning will also borrow from relevant key insights, professional bodies, and introduce learners to a range of credible research and best practice from the individual consultants who take a coaching and mentoring approach towards each need with avenues identified for solutions and future bespoke project support.

Personal Professional Development at  Globeprep


The first part of our 3-part series on Personal Professional Development, Youprep is built on Globeprep’s Tools and Training framework that includes

  • World class personal skills / Career / Enterprise development and inspiring frameworks that offer support towards your aspirations
  • One on one or group training / support and insights from our experienced staff and partners.
  • Master-class approach towards tangible personal development
  • Exclusively informed by professionally best practice
  • Scalable support through our tools should you need further bespoke content to assist you with your development needs e.g. CV support, goal setting, Bespoke Enterprise and career progression projects via guided development frameworks

At GlobePrep we believe that potential can be the best and the worst word, as it merely spells out what could be and hasn’t been achieved. To empower you and your organisation to capitalise on your potential, we have a select range of tools and personalised solutions catered towards meeting your bespoke needs. We believe in not just leaving you with the online tools, but offering you the opportunity to utilise our support in your steps towards projected potential with actionable projects and tangible results. Bringing tomorrow’s global potential today for the world is truly yours!

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