August 26, 2015

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Tools to capitalise on potential, yours, your organisation’s, and the world’s

Does your organisation have training or project support goals that you do not have the time or human resources to undertake? Would you benefit from a multi skilled and multidisciplinary team to complete it ? If so we think we can help. At Globeprep, we continue to work towards World-class Impactful Project based Solutions aimed at developing and maximising the potential of managers, their organisations and societies around the world. We pursue mutually beneficial global projects that are contextualised within our community of practice with the aim of enhancing best practice.



Our work supports the development of the potential of current and future leaders as well as the strategic results of the HR function.
This is aimed at maximizing on human capabilities through transition design interventions and best practice in;

  • Career planning and development
  • Emerging Leaders and talent development
  • Team and Organizational development
  • Skills and education Development
  • Leadership Efficacy and Raising aspirations
  • Change and Global management skills


We work with organisations and professionals to increase their earning potential by unlocking trends, opportunities and market entry strategies in EMEIA markets,
This includes insights, tools, training and projects in;
  • Global strategy and strategic marketing analysis
  • Global Operations / supply chain management,
  • International trade
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Business Ethics, CSR and Sustainability



We pursue mutually beneficial partnerships and projects with Public and Private sector Institutions in order to  contribute towards a prosperous society.  

This is focussed on strategic and executive board room advisory  aimed at enhancing performance and conformance to best practice, strategic values and outcomes in;
  • Strategy, Goal Setting and Capacity building
  • Decentralisation and public development policies,
  • Innovation and Business Model transformation,
  • Research and Global benchmarking  
  • Programme and Project management
  • Global governance and  institutional change