February 26, 2017

Global Social Enterprise and Bespoke Projects

Global Social Enterprise and Bespoke International Development Projects

Globeprep is committed to our vision of Developing peerlessly prosperous individuals, organisations and societies through world-class solutions. We, therefore, pursue mutually beneficial partnerships that contribute towards a prosperous society within the niche areas, values and causes that we care about. These in youth development, innovation and project management, organisational and societal excellence, global awareness and pertinent skills development and many others.

To this end, our insights, tools, and training also support the implementation of impactful solutions and the seizing of opportunities to develop individuals and societies in EMEIA markets. This includes partnerships with third sector organisations, governmental bodies, and private sector organisations wishing to fulfill their corporate responsibility mandate.

Our work also supports the development and dissemination of best practice in global markets with notable projects in I.C.T, Renewable Energy, Agriculture, Healthcare, Training and development, manufacturing, commodity trading, government etc.


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”Our current project has offered us an opportunity for us to invest back into the community and fulfil gaps within our strategic mandate”