”So what do you do?” The do’s and don’ts when selling yourself online

What do your parents think you do?
Watch this video, we found it hilarious. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fBQcgcAnwIc

However, the results of this and other related studies concur with the view that one in three parents do not know what their children do for a living!

Have you ever asked your parents what they think you do? We would love to hear what your parents think you do at work — let us know in the comment section.

”My name is Lucy, i am a digital strategist, I work with education institutions to ensure that their marketing strategies work both off and online”, This is how a friend of ours introduces herself to those she meets at Networking events. However, this was not always the case. When we met with Lucy, she did not have a description of what she did in general, leave alone the specific nature of her work.

Lucy needed to reinvent herself due to the changes in the industry that she wanted to work in. This came with a lot of fear and uncertainty as she has held back sprucing up her online curriculum vitae and LinkedIn profile to represent her updated skills and experience.

Employers and recruitment agents these days look at your online presence /LinkedIn profiles way before they look at your CV and invite you to a face to face interview.
A CV is a snapshot a basic overview of our professional lives, LinkedIn and online resumes are a quick picture of skills we have acquired. This is also a public forum for validation of skills, experience and accomplishments by peers and industry leaders. These endorsements speak volumes of your professional skills and prospective stronger references for you.
Online communication and networking provides a consistent and reliable link. Providing an expalantion to the “gaps” within a CV as well as promote skills that you may have acquired, personal projects and other qualifications that you might have acquired during the “gaps”. LinkedIn provides a generic paper trail of your professional and educational qualifications. It also makes you look tech savvy and professional having a profile that is current and gives an overview of proficiencies that are attractive to a wide audience yet specific enough to land you the job you need.

Lucy, is currently going through the Online Communications and Networking session with GlobePrep. Sign up today and learn how to sell yourself. We will look at the do’s and dont’s of building an online CV and how to package your most impactful skills as well as a quick introduction of who you are and what you are able to provide to your network.
Yes, finally we can all call up the parents and attend that awkward networking event without fumbling 🙂 If nothing else, its a great way to remind yourself of your true potential and how you can capitalise on it. Click here & sign up TODAY for our free webinar!


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